Thursday, 25 October 2012

Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultramarathon Splits

As part of my preparation for the Jedburgh Ultramarathon I decided to have a bash at estimating the splits that might be reasonable to expect for the route. As the complete route hasn't been run before I've had to based my estimates on my own experience from others similar routes, the route profile and terrain and where possible feedback from others that have run parts of the route.

I started off with some preliminary estimates and sent these to John Kaynaston as we've exchanged splits for Highland Fling earlier this year, and knew that he was very likely thinking along the same lines.  Indeed he was and he kindly sent me his splits, and he's now posted them on his blog.  While we've chosen some different legs division for our splits the actual paces we both estimated were surprisingly close, with my original splits a bit more optimistic about the hills times, and all little more pessimistic on the return leg.  John's far more experienced an Ultramarathoner than I so I more than happy to defer to estimates so I've amended mine a little to be more in line with John's.

Once I had reasonable estimates for the % time of each leg it's then an easy to recalibrate the paces so that we can provide split for a range of finish times.  Follows are the splits from 6 hour to the 10hour cut off, with hopefully no one will need to go near as it'll mean staggering home in the dark!

6 hours



7 hours



8 hours

9 hours

10 hours

I expect that the winners will be under 6 hours, and pretty confident John will go under 7 hours.  While I originally estimated 6:30 for myself when entering the Jedburgh Ultra I now feel given my current health (I've had a stubborn cold for the last 8 days) that aiming for around 7 hours would be more sensible and any time under 7:30 would be great.

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  1. Great splits. These will be really helpful to those who like having some splits to guide them.

    See you Sunday.