Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Salmon have been Running!

For my lunchtime run I headed out for a 11 mile Bochasttle Hill loop along the flank of Ben Ledi, it was beautiful if a little cold out with snow squalls come through.  As I descended down to the Loch Lubnaig I came across the most bizarre thing laying on the forest trail - the tail of Salmon!

I was still 100ft above and third of a mile away from the Loch, there was no sign of the rest of the Salmon and no clues to how it go there.  This section is popular with dog walkers, and the woodland is home to pine martins and foxes so I would guess that it probably hadn't been there too long.

Could a Buzzard, Eagle or Heron have scavenged a Salmon carcase on the loch shore and dropped part of it?   Could a dog have picked up at the loch shore and carried it uphill?  I will never likely solve this mystery.

Once down beside the Loch Lunnaig I saw a few fish rise and leave tell tale riples, and Heron stood in the Shallows (you can just spot it through the trees below if you are Eagle Eyed :-)

Perplexed and amused I completed by run with a bit of spring in my step.  Just three days back into training and I'm starting to feel a little fitness returning.

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