Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic Challenge Day 4 : 6.5 miles run, 44 miles down, 161 to go.

  Run, 6 1/2 miles, 0:55:00, Average HR 147, Calories 550
  Total 44 miles
  Distance to go: 161 miles

Felt stiff today, classic case of Delayed Muscle Soreness, the previous days Callander Highland Games Race was tough for sure - but loads of fun!

Today I took it easy, just complete 6 1/2 miles of easy running up past Keltie Bridge and then around our estate.  After a mostly cloudy day the evening turned sunny so I got a beautiful view looking west towards Ben Ledi.

I had planned to add in a 6 mile cycle to complete my 12 miles for the day but just felt a bit flat on my return so often for a nice a hot shower and sit down to watch the Olympics instead!

Not doing the cycle today means than I'm now 4 miles behind my schedule, but have plenty of time to catch up and would rather make sure I'm safely recovered from the hill race so not too concerned.

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