Sunday, 14 September 2014

River Ayr Way Challenge 2014 : Race Results

Many thanks to Anneke Freel and all the marshals for putting on another friendly race on the beautiful route along the River Ayr Way.  Follows are the race results, that Craig McKay, kindly passed on.  Congratulations to all those who run, especially to Robert Soutar and Gayle Tait for their race wins.

Position Name Time FFFM/F
1 Robert Soutar 05:44:58 M
2 Roger Greenaway 06:04:20 M
3 (Joint) Colin Milligan 06:11:02 M
3 (Joint) James Connelly 06:11:02 M
5 Robert Osfield 06:15:18 M
6 Steven Morrison 06:28:33 M
7 Gayle Tait 06:39:17 (1st)
8 Richard Whittaker 06:39:43 M
9 David McCauley 06:48:24 M
10 Craig Mackay 06:50:46 M
11 (Joint) Shona Young 06:59:55 M
11 (Joint) James McPhate 06:59:55 (2nd)
13 Mark Caldwell 07:00:50 M
14 Myvanwy Fenton-May 07:03:52 (3rd)
15 Glenn Gemmell 07:09:06 M
16 Chris Boyce 07:09:50 M
17 Neil McRitchie 07:11:26 M
18 Campbell Wilson 07:15:18 M
19 Bobby Miller 07:15:35 M
20 Eryk Grant 07:17:16 M
21 Andrew Crichton 07:17:40 M
22 James Murray 07:21:20 M
23 Alan Robertson 07:21:38 M
24 Kenny Tindall 07:23:11 M
25 Kevin Cameron 07:36:48 M
26 Norrie Hunter 07:37:54 M
27 John Donnelly 07:38:18 M
28 Kate O'Brien Temple 08:00:18 F
29 Graham Templeton 08:00:42 M
30 Stephen McAnespie 08:00:56 M
31 (Joint) Stuart Chalmers 08:15:05 M
31 (Joint) Raymond Quinn 08:15:05 M
31 (Joint) Paul Markac 08:15:05 M
34 Frank Skachill 08:16:04 M
35 (Joint) Carol Martin 08:30:48 F
35 (Joint) Alan Cormack 08:30:48 M
37 Bridget Halewood 08:32:15 F
38 James Scott Elliot 08:34:33 M
39 Katie Hall 08:48:18 F
40 Ailsa Taggart 10:03:31 F


  1. Fifth place, smashing result, well done! And very close to a podium finish as well (there's always next year, of course)

    1. Thanks Thomas. I was indeed close to an elusive podium finish - I was within 50m's of catching 3rd and 4th place runners with 7 miles to go, but then cramp struck and I had to slow, so they opened up a 4 minute gap.

  2. Well done Robert, great result with not the most ideal of build ups. Looks like a really nice race, will need to give it a go one year.

  3. Well done, great result. There's a podium finish in your future, no doubt! x

    1. Thanks. I'm a podium finish is within reach, I just need to find a small enough to make it happen!

      My youngest daughter (now aged 10) is far more competitive than I, on more than one occasion she's asked me why I bother entering races when know that I'm not going to win... so I go over the script that I run the races because I enjoy them and compete against myself - which is true but she just doesn't buy it ;-D

    2. Haha! When she says that to you again, challenge her to a race, then beat her, and make a big deal of your victory...!! (Are parents allowed to do that?)

    3. LOL. I don't think that would work, what if she beat me?

  4. Congrats on an excellent race Robert - looking forward to reading your blog on it. Speaking of which, have really enjoyed your detailed analysis and your great progress too. What's next on the calendar?

    1. I can't admit to an "excellent" race, perhaps a "good in the circumstances" race as report will detail. I am still 40 mins adrift of your own RAW winning time back in 2012, just goes to show just how an awesome a race you had, will need to emulate one day :-)

    2. Would love to head back and have another shot at it - especially with the shorter finish at the stadium and no hilly and muddy detour at 27 miles! The question, as ever, is how to turn "good" into "excellent" on the day. Keep working at it - it's worth it in the end!

    3. It was fun finishing at the Track, first time I've raced on a track since I was 14! There is still the detour before Stair which adds a big climb that wasn't there when I first ran the race in 2010.

      Running the perfect race is difficult to do. I came pretty close to it with the Fling and WHWR this year. I'm still learning and experimenting with training, taper and racing, but also just throwing the dice enough by running regular races has to up the chances of running that perfect race. What I am pleased with is that even when my body isn't in the right place on race day I'm still able to put in a pretty decent performances.

  5. Very well done, despite the recent muscle injury. You have certainly made a major gains across the board this year. and built a very solid foundation for next year