Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scotland, let this land inspire us to be united once more

I can think of no better way to gain a fresh perspective on the our place in Scotland than to go for a run through it's beguiling lochs and mountains.  The geology of this great land is unmoved by politics, it's mountains have watched over this land from well before humans first walked on this Earth. Storms, wars, volcano's, earth quakes, ice ages, all making their mark like lines on an old fisherman's weathered face.  Our little human epoch is just a blink of eye in geological time.

So here's my pictures from my humble little run, 13 mile out/back from Callander alongside Loch Venachar past Invertrossachs house and back.

Just leaving Callander, running along Invertrossachs road looking towards Ben Ledi

Camera Phone accidental photo... it was such a lovely day even the shadows and texture looked cool to me... OK might be suffering low blood sugar :-)

Arriving at the wast end of Loch Venachar looking east towards Ben Venue

Phone was playing up, couldn't handle the sunshine!

Red squirrel ran along across the road in front of me and up this tree - spot it if you can!  Trossachs is one of the remaining strongholds for these gorgeous wee creatures, but even so you only get to spot them a few times each year

Looking back east towards Callander.

Invertrossachs house nestles amongst the forest.  Ben Venue in background

Return leg, loch is so incredibly low right now, it's been an dry summer

Sunshine too warm for Highland Cow and her calves

With my shaggy hair and red beard, and short sturdy legs, I do wonder if I might be related to a Highland Cow...

Does Scotland not fill you wonder and pride? Does me, what an awesome place we live!!!

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