Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympic Challenge 17 : 6 mile run, 9 mile cycle, 2mile walk. Challenge DONE!

  Run 6 miles, 0:51:07 Average HR 144, Calories 503
  Cycle 9.28 miles 0:38:13, Average HR 144, Calories 358
  Walk 2 miles
  Total 205 miles, Challenge Completed :-)

My original plan for the final day was to honour the Men's Olympic Marathon by running a trail Marathon from Killin back to Callander.  My original plan didn't included blasting a Half Marathon four days before that turned a niggling foot injury into one that didn't even allow me to run two miles on my penultimate day.

While I was dumb enough to go run a quick Half Marathon three days after a Marathon just, I'm not quite stupid enough not to know when to adjust my plans - I had 17 miles left to do so decided to run, cycle and walk the final miles.  My left foot felt better this morning so I headed out for a 6 mile loop at an easy pace.  On an occasional landing on the stony trail I had a bit of pain from the foot it mostly held up just fine. 

I had breakfast on my return then headed out for a quick cycle up past the Sailing Club at Loch Venachar. I pushed the pace on hoping to exceed an average of 15mph, but taking photo's a waiting at traffic lights meant that I didn't quite achieve it.  On the return leg I took a photo from Invertrossachs road towards Callander, the Crags and the Callander meadows, after quite a few miles on foot and the bike it's felt good to be on the home straight and returning to such a lovely place that we call home.

Back in town I crossed the footbridge over the Teith and there below me was two Swans with their Cygnet.  What a treat.

After the cycle I now had just under 2 miles left to do to complete my 205 miles, so I took the opportunity to finish it with a walk with Gwen and Ellen so we could complete it together.  Ellen was at a friend's house for dinner so Gwen and I headed over to pick here up, first stopping off at the Camp Place swing park.

After picking up Ellen we headed along the Roman Camp path and then along the river to the Geisher Pool.  A nice stretch of river so I took a photo of Gwen.

While I was distracted Ellen took the opportunity for some mischief, and came running up behind me at full speed:

And suddenly raised her hand and released a cloud of grass seed at me covering my head and top!

Time to attempt some portraits of the girls

Here's Gwen looking elegant and poised
Ellen clambering up the side of the platform and just can't keep back a wry smile.

I had planned to finish the Challenge side by side with Ellen and Gwen but alas they raced off through the houses at high speed leaving me to wander along to the finish.  When I got back I there was great excitement and too my surprise and amusement I was awarded a gold medal!

Caitlin had made the medal which looked great and was a lovely way to end my Challenge.


We all stayed up and watched the close Ceremony, another great show, but a little too long for Ellen and Gwen who fell asleep in the last hour. 

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