Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympic Challenge Day 8 & 9 : 5.6 mile run, 1.7 mile cycle, 107 miles down, 98 to go

Day 8 Summary:
    Run 6 milles, Average HR 150, Calories 496
    Cycle 6.4 miles
  Day 9:

Winding down for Marathon day so did half daily quote running and half cycling. 

My left plantar fascia (on the underside of the foot) was a little tight and sore during the day before the run but didn't cause any problems during run, and after run not more sore so pleased that continue to run at an easy doesn't appear to be exacerbating the problem .   Sitting down seems to let the soft tissue all tighten up so when getting up from sitting it's a bit sore but then eases off.

Day 9 Summary:

    Run 4.2 miles, Average HR 142, Time 0:36, Calories 335
    Run/Walk with Ellen on bike, 1.4 miles, Time 0:17
    Cycle with Ellen 1.6 miles, Time 10:0

    Total 107 miles
    Distance to go: 98 miles, 1 miles behind of schedule.
Day before marathon day so took today easy, doing a 4 mile circuit around Callander, taking in the Meadows:

 And the high street including St. Kellogs at the town centre:

Plantar fascia generally improved on previous days which is encouraging but still getting tightness and soreness after sitting for a while.  During run have a few strides where pain would ebb and flow but overall it wasn't a problem, still a concern though - with 24 hours to go before running a hilly marathon.

In the afternoon took Ellen swimming at the Leisure Centre then up to Maz Frater to borrow her road bike for the upcoming Olympic Distance Triathlon.  Maz calls the bike her baby and having road it the mile and half home I certainly appreciate why one would be so found of it - it's silky smooth to ride, just glides along effortlessly.

The ride how was made a little more exciting by the storm cell moving in from the north, with lightening hitting down to the north and thunder rumbling Ellen and I had to leave and race home, we averaged 10mph which Ellen was chuffed to bits with.  Just seconds after getting back in started rain, and within ten minutes it was torrential with thunder and lightening so it really did just get back in time!  The photo below doesn't quite do just to just how ominous the storm cell was.

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