Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympic Challenge Day 11 : 4 mile run, 137 down, 68 miles to go

  Run, 4.2 miles, Average HR 141, 0:36, 332 Calories
  Total 137 miles
  Distance to go:  68 miles, 4 miles ahead of schedule.

Had a good nights sleep and awoke fresh and remarkable ache free, actually less aches and pains than day before the Sunday's Marathon.  My left plantar fascia has given almost no pain today, absolutely no complaints from my calves and quads either.  The only little niggles I've had today have been my right knee and left hip flexor.  I can't quite believe how well my body has coped, it's completely like I did a gently 4 mile run yesterday, not a hilly marathon.

The run today was a short out and back past Keltie Bridge along the old railway line.  The run takes you past a mature forestry plantation, I've included two photo's of different parts of the woodland as it illustrates just how much difference a little bit irregularity in the tree positioning can make to the biodiversity.  To the first a few small breaks in the trees allows enough light in for a range of plant life to get a toehold, and along with these extra plants will be extra animals too.

Contrast to the more regular and densely packed trees just a hundred yards further along.  The further you get from the track the less light and less variety and vitality of plant life, of course less animals too.

Finally on getting back into Callander, welcomed by the ever present Ben Ledi, alas also holiday traffic... still I guess I can't keep the lovely Trossachs all to myself!

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